Стеклянный реактор

Glass ReactorGlass reactors are divided into single-layer glass reactors, double-layer glass reactors, with vacuum or not, and the choice of materials. According to customer requirements, we will adjust the configuration of the glass reactor.

Generally speaking, there are more choices for double-layer glass reactors. The double-layer glass reactors can be filled with constant temperature (high or low temperature) hot melt media or cooling media to heat or cool the materials in the glass reactor at a constant temperature, and Stirring can be provided. The materials are reacted in the glass reaction kettle, and the evaporation and reflux of the reaction solution can be controlled. 

After the reaction is completed, the materials can be discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the kettle, and the operation is extremely convenient. Glass reactor is the ideal equipment for modern chemical samples, medium sample experiments, biopharmaceutical, and new material synthesis.

Основные технические параметры

Glass Reactor Parameters